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Broken front tooth, a tooth has broken and the root remains: what to do ?

Broken front tooth, a tooth has broken and the root remains: what to do ?

If you have a broken front tooth, it creates not only a visual defect, but also opens access to your body for infections. In the modern world, there are quite a few ways to restore such a tooth, each of which has its own quality and price advantages.


The main ways of restoration

In our clinic, the dentist will offer you several of the most preferable options for restoring the tooth, taking into account the nature of its damage and your wishes. However, it is worth remembering that more expensive materials and will naturally last longer.

Direct technique. This is the most gentle approach to treating a chipped tooth and the fastest. The whole procedure takes place in one appointment with the dentist. Only modern source materials are used, allowing to achieve a color identical to the natural color of the tooth. The advantage of this method is the possibility to save the healthy tooth material as much as possible. Therefore, in case of small destructions, the direct method is used exclusively.

Indirect method. In it, restoration is performed with the help of veneers, onlays or crowns prepared in advance. First, the dentist will make an impression of the tooth to be restored. On its basis, a material suitable in all respects will be made. Veneers are often successfully used to augment damaged teeth. Their advantage is that the defect is eliminated completely invisibly, the result is durable, the tooth is protected from further destruction. However, the disadvantage of veneers is that before their installation, the tooth is ground down. When it is impossible to put a filling, restoration is performed using onlays, as well as crowns. This is the most popular method due to its quality and affordable price.


A tooth has broken and the root is still there

Some patients wonder what can be done when a tooth has broken but the root remains. If the root of the tooth is intact and long enough, it can be used as a base for a subsequent denture. If the root is inflamed, however, it will be removed.


Methods for tooth augmentation
In modern dentistry, the methods used by our specialists, it has become quite easy to augment a tooth.

The use of posts along with heliocomposite restore the tooth to its natural appearance and healthy functions. Often this method is used when the tooth is destroyed to the base, but it is worth preserving the root. Then the doctor will place a post and then restore the desired dimensions of the tooth walls with heliocomposite. This procedure will be significantly less expensive than implantation.

Restoration without the use of a post with composites. This method is applicable when the tooth is not under severe stress when chewing food. However, thanks to the latest high quality materials, it is quite possible to restore chewing teeth without pins. First, the tooth cavity is treated and then the composite is applied to it in layers. This composite hardens under the influence of ultraviolet light, so it is easy to give it the desired shape without fear that it will quickly lose elasticity. This method is good when it is necessary to securely reinforce the walls of a previously chipped tooth.


Some specifics

If a tooth is broken, but the nerve is still alive in it, the restoration procedure can be quite painful. Therefore, in our clinic it is carried out with the use of high-quality anesthesia. Thanks to this you will not experience the slightest discomfort. Before augmentation, the living tissue is subjected to the most minimal grinding. However, if a post has been used, the tooth may be sore for the first time. If this persists for more than two days, be sure to visit the dentist again.


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