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Dentist’s bad advices or how to get rid of the beautiful smile

Are you tired of your healthy mouth? Would you like to ruin your pearly whites? Here’s the shortest way to get rid of a beautiful smile.

1. Do not brush your teeth regularly.

After each meal your mouth becomes a great place for the bacteria to grow. If you do not brush your teeth after each meal, it increases the likelihood of tooth decay. However, keep in mind that brushing your teeth immediately after eating contributes to the destruction of tooth enamel, as it requires 30-60 minutes to remineralize.


2. Don’t waste your money on dental floss.

Without flossing, tooth brushing becomes 35% less efficient. The toothbrush can’t clean up all the food that gets stuck between your teeth. Remember, the longer your teeth stay in contact with this food, the sooner problems will appear.


3. Forget about your dentist.

It is recommended to go through a dental checkup every six months. Such visits can help prevent many serious oral diseases. Early detection of dental problems can save you money, time and nerves.


 Forget about your dentist


4. Your teeth are the best tools.

.A great way to damage the tooth enamel is to use your teeth as bottle openers, cutters, holders, etc. Your teeth are not designed to open bottles of beer, tear open a bag of chips or rip off price tags. Prevent your enamel from cracking by using real tools.


5. Grind your teeth.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can be a bad habit, but also it can be an uncontrolled action (such as grinding teeth during the sleep). It is often caused by stress. Many people grind their teeth during active sports without realizing it. To avoid tooth decay, it is recommended to use a mouth guard especially designed for the bruxism treatment.

6. Drink plenty of Coca-Cola.

In fact, this applies to all soda drinks and drinks with high sugar content, which destroy your enamel. In turn, tea, coffee and wine may lead to coloring of your pearly whites.


 Drink plenty of Coca-Cola


7. Whiten your teeth as often as you can.

In pursuit of a bright smile one can get increased tooth sensitivity. Too frequent bleaching may lead to a thinning of the enamel. Before each whitening procedure, it is necessary to visit the dentist and check the health of your teeth and gums.


 Whiten your teeth as often as you can


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