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Teeth treatment

Choosing dental clinic Diente Sano patients receive treatment without pain and highly qualified medical help. We use the latest generation of anesthetics, and also in the treatment, our doctors use an individual approach to each patient conservative treatment, helps to maintain healthy tooth tissue. We perform removal of teeth of any complexity. In our clinic, you will find all kinds of dental fillings. Also, we will teach you how to properly care for the oral cavity.


 Teeth treatment in Barcelona




Filling is a method of restoring the shape and function of a tooth damaged by caries. During the filling, the dentist first removes the infected tissue of the tooth, cleans the infected area, and after fills the cleaned out cavity with a filling material.

A filling also helps prevent further tooth decay, as it covers areas in which it could penetrate the bacteria. The materials used for fillings include gold, porcelain, composite materials (filling in the color of teeth) and amalgam (an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and sometimes zinc).

Factors affecting choice may be: the amount of required restoration, allergic to certain materials, the area of the mouth, etc.


Fissure sealing


To prevent the formation of cavities, you can pass the procedure of fissure.

Significant pits and creases (fissures) of the permanent teeth have a different shape from slit-like to drop and in 40 % of cases affected by caries in the range of 12-18 months after eruption. The fissures provide an ideal soil and a nutrient medium for hosting microorganisms and thus a starting point for the emergence and development of caries.

Fissure sealing protects the favourite places of localization of dental caries. Fissure sealing can be done for people of any age. It is easily tolerated by children, is not difficult, absolutely painless. The pre-cleaned professional teeth hygiene, and then the fissures are filled with a special filling materials – sealants.


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