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Gingivitis is a superficial inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis - an inflammation, which appears in the gums that surrounds teeth, if not promptly remove plaque from teeth or tartar. Manifested by redness and bleeding gums when eating and minimal contact, bad breath, sometimes - of erosion. Fix this problem at this stage is not difficult.

Enough 2 times a year to clean teeth by ultrasound and to undergo treatment rinsing with antiseptic solutions. In the absence of treatment gingivitis may progress to a destructive form of periodontal disease — periodontitis.


 Gingivitis is a superficial inflammation of the gums.


Periodontitis - inflammation of the gum tissue.


Periodontitis often begins with gingivitis. Not giving attention to a timely manner treatment of periodontitis, this inflammation can lead to the destruction and loss of teeth.

Today, periodontal disease affects every second patient. There are three degrees of severity of the disease. When severe, there is a loosening of the teeth, which can lead to total teeth loss.


When should address for consultation to your dentist?

Call us if inflammatory changes in the dental papilla, redness, swelling and bleeding lasts more than two weeks.


What to expect at the consultation?


The dentist examines the teeth and gums, ask you about the symptoms you are having:

- Do you have bleeding gums?

- How long have you noticed a change in look of gums?

- Do you have observed earlier inflammation of the gums and bleeding?

- Was it a dramatic change in the usual diet?

- What medications or vitamin supplements you are taking?

- How long is pregnancy?

- Are there any other symptoms? For example, bad breath sore throat, etc.?



At observance of oral health and timely treatment comes complete cure. treatment success is largely dependent on the timely referral to a specialist when the first symptoms appear, such as bad breath, bleeding, swelling of the gums, teeth covering dark coating.


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