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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with correction and prevention of violations of the teeth and malocclusion. Today, there are a number of variations that are almost invisible and do not cause any discomfort. Due to constant pressure on the teeth after some time the bite is corrected.


Why you need to fix bite?

Malocclusion is not only aesthetic problem. Malocclusion is often accompanied by caries and periodontal disease. If the upper and lower jaw are not closed, the pressure on the teeth is distributed unevenly, they are erased, much faster wear out. Malocclusion also has a negative impact on the speech quality and on the process of breathing.


Types of braces


Braces are different, the question remains - "what to choose?".


 Orthodontics in Barcelona


Metal braces are made of stainless steel for medical purposes. Their advantage - the weaker the force of friction between the brackets and arc force, which contributes to more rapid movement of the teeth. Also - this is the most affordable option.

Negative – they are too striking.

Less conspicuous ceramic braces, and sapphire at all transparent and practically merge with the teeth. But they will cost more.


Why Diente Sano?

Find the good orthodontist is not so easy. Orthodontist in Russian stomatology in Barcelona in the treatment uses modern types of fixed orthodontic appliances: metal, ceramic, sapphire braces, orthodontic mini-implants, removable plates, functional devices, mouthguards «Invizilain». Planning and consultation - for FREE!


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