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Dental implantation

A dental implant is an artificial device that replaces the tooth root. The implant consists of a biocompatible material - titanium, which is placed in the jaw, and allows you to replace a missing tooth. Once the new roots (dental implant) has been completely embedded in the bone tissue of the jaw, then the crown or bridge is placed, thus creating a new stable and functional tooth.


Stages of dental implantation:


First step: survey and planning.

At the consultation we perform x-ray examination, 3D imaging, photo research, and develop a model of the oral cavity. Then plan the implantation.


Step Two: Placement of the implants.

We perform the installation of the implants, in many cases, using minimally invasive surgery. The procedure is done entirely guided by earlier surveys. Each surgical case is individual.


 Dental implantation


Third stage: creation of a permanent tooth.

After about three months, the implants get accustomed to the bone. Next is manufactured a cast of the implant using high quality materials, in order to maximize the similarity of anatomical characteristics to create the crown. We use screw as an intermediate link between the implant and the crown. Screw fastening ensures the stability of the crown to the implant.


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