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Gene therapy. The use of gene therapy in dentistry

Gene therapy. The use of gene therapy in dentistry

Gene therapy is a treatment method based on changing the genetic material of a patient's cells in order to correct disorders in their work. This method has already found its application in the treatment of many diseases, and now gene therapy is becoming more common in dentistry.

The use of gene therapy allows dentists to treat oral diseases that cannot be completely cured by other methods. For example, gene therapy uses vectors - specially designed viruses that are able to deliver genes into cells. In this way, missing genes can be replaced or existing genes can be altered to improve cell function and cure disease.

One of the most popular uses of gene therapy in dentistry is to treat periodontitis, an inflammatory disease that affects the tissues surrounding the teeth. This disease destroys the bones and ligaments that support the teeth. Gene therapy can help repair damaged tissue and improve circulation to the affected area.

Gene therapy. The use of gene therapy in dentistry

Another application of gene therapy in dentistry is the treatment of caries, a disease that affects tooth enamel and dentin. In this case, gene therapy is used to regenerate damaged tissues, as well as to strengthen the immune system of the oral cavity.

Gene therapy. The use of gene therapy in dentistry

However, despite the potential benefits of gene therapy, its use in dentistry is still experimental. Its use requires large clinical studies to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of this method.

It should also be taken into account that gene therapy can be quite expensive and not always affordable for all patients. In addition, it may have certain side effects that must be considered when using it.

Despite this, gene therapy is still one of the most promising treatments, and it has great potential for use in dentistry. Specialists continue to research this method and work on its improvement in order to make it accessible and effective for all patients.

In conclusion, it can be noted that gene therapy is a new and promising field of medicine that can bring great benefits in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. Despite some limitations and risks associated with its use, gene therapy can become an important tool for modern dentists in the fight against various diseases of the oral cavity.

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