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Dental Reconstruction: the main types of prosthetics

The article is addressed to those who are missing one or more teeth, as well as to those, whose teeth are erased or decayed.

There are two general types of dental prosthesis: removable and fixed. Removable dentures are used as a replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. There are many denture designs available, they can be partial or full, simple or rely on a complex technology of manufacturing (like Clasp dental prosthesis). The common disadvantage of dentures is that it takes some time getting used to.


Dental Reconstruction: the main types of prosthetics

Thanks to modern advances in dental implantology, nowadays we can find many alternatives to dentures. Fixed dental prostheses would not require long time to get accustomed to and does not cause discomfort to patients.

The most common non-removable restorations are crowns and bridges. Metal-ceramic crowns consist of a metal base, which is fused with a layer of porcelain to create an appearance of a natural tooth. However, a more advantageous option in terms of aesthetics is metal-free ceramics. It does not cause any allergic reactions or a galvanic corrosion. In addition, its physical properties are very close to the tooth enamel. TV celebrities shine with some high quality non-metal ceramics - this is the secret of the famous "Hollywood smile". With the appearance of new technologies the installation of ceramic bridges became possible.

Microprosthetics – partial replacement of a tooth. Missing part of the tooth is made out of ceramic material and then adjusted to the remaining part of patient’s tooth. As a result, anatomical shape and tooth functionality are fully restored and any additional processing of its tissues isn’t required.

Veneers are thin ceramic plates, which are fixed on the front teeth and allow to improve their aesthetic appearance in the most gentle way. Veneers are transparent and only 0.5 mm thick, which allows them to look like natural teeth.

It is also worth mentioning the possibility of teeth enhancement by the means of total length prosthetics. If the tooth is worn out, but alive, the ceramic pad (similar to veneers) is placed on the chewing surface and helps avoid the teeth grinding and further destruction of the tissue.


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