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Malocclusion: causes and consequences

Malocclusion is one of the most common dental problems. When teeth are crowded, they often overlap one another and thus prevent the correct oral functionality. Besides, this doesn’t look very aesthetic. Orthodontic treatment can help fix this problem, caused by the lack of space between your teeth.


Неправильный прикус: причины и последствия


Causes of malocclusion.

Dental "crowding" occurs because of the difference between the size of the teeth and the space necessary for their proper location. Because of that teeth often remain inside the bone and never erupt, while other teeth do erupt, but because there’s so little space for them, they end up being mounted on top of each other. Among the many causes of dental crowding are the genetic factors, early loss of milk teeth and some other syndromes.


Consequences of dental crowding.

Uneven teeth aren’t just an aesthetic problem. When teeth are overlapping each other it makes it difficult to keep a proper hygiene and remove the food particles and bacterial plaque that builds up between the teeth. Consequently, people with malocclusion often suffer from cavities and periodontal disease.



As soon as the problem is diagnosed, your dentist in Barcelona will tell you what type of orthodontic treatment is most appropriate for your case.
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