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How often do I have to visit the dentist?

The chief doctor of dental clinic Diente Sano in Barcelona, Dr. Olga Bindyuk, is an active supporter of preventive dental care. She understands the importance of visiting a dental specialist on a regular basis to maintain oral health. When patients ask how often a scheduled visit and examination should be conducted, she can provide a solid answer with reference to scientific research.

Why plan routine appointments?

There are many reasons why patients need to schedule a routine visit to their dentist. Firstly, it is an excellent opportunity to talk about any dental problems that may have occurred in the previous months. Scheduled examination provides an opportunity to check and evaluate teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay or periodontal disease. In addition, a scheduled visit provides an opportunity to conduct professional tooth cleaning and X-rays, if necessary. This part of preventative care will help to maintain the health of your smile throughout your life.

How often should I visit a dentist?

Patients with no complaints and no acute illnesses are advised to visit the dentist at least once every six months for preventive examination and professional cleaning. However, if patients are in the process of treating some condition, for example a periodontal disease, they may need more frequent visits. If the condition is under control, patients can visit the doctor twice a year.

How often do I have to visit the dentist?

What problems can be detected during evaluations?

During a routine check, our team can detect the following problems:

  • The development of cavities,
  • Symptoms of periodontal disease,
  • Damage to restorations,
  • The need for orthodontic treatment,
  • Oral cancer.

Many of these problems can be safely eliminated with the help of early detection and treatment, which emphasizes the importance of regular visits to our dentist in Barcelona, Dr. Olga Bindyuk.

Interested in quality dental care?

It's time to contact Dr. Olga Bindyuk and her team at Diente Sano to get a complete oral care solution for you and your family. Our clinic is located in the heart of Barcelona. You can contact us by calling 633 312 126 (WhatsApp). Plan your visit today to learn more about routine evaluations and preventive care to improve and maintain oral health.

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