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How long do dental implants last?

Since getting dental implants is not cheap, a lot of patients are concerned about how long their new teeth will last. So if I get a dental implant today, how long will it serve me for? Even though it is quite difficult to answer with an exact number, it is the answer you’d want to hear.

First of all, let’s start with a little background. The very first dental implant was installed in 1965 and since then, implantologists from all over the world have been using the same implants type – the Branemark implants. Per Ingvar Branemark is considered to be the father of modern implantology. He was a Swedish scientist, who studied the blood microcirculation and ran a series of experiments on lab rabbits. During one of the experiments, he placed a tiny camera in a titanium case and attached it to the bone of one of the rabbits. When the time came to remove the camera, he saw that the titanium case had fused with the bone and it was impossible to take the camera out.

Since the camera was very expensive and Per had to return it, the experiment got public. Consequently, a new study of osteointegration: “the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of a load-bearing implant”, had appeared. Having made this discovery, Brannemark started thinking about the possibilities of its use in medicine. He began to contact many professionals of various medicinal disciplines, but his discovery did not arouse much interest, until one day Per had an interesting talk with Gösta Larsson, a patient, waiting in line at a dental office.

Gösta complained about the complete absence of teeth and how he wants to be able to eat normally again. Branemark immediately offered his new friend to run an experiment. Since Gösta had nothing to loose, he agreed to the experiment and so, in 1965 the first dental implant was installed. These implants have served successfully for 41 years, until the patient’s death in 2006. Today’s implants have been significantly improved, since the science never stands still. A modern implant can last longer than the life span of most of the people. Dental implants, which were installed 20 years ago, are in the same condition, as if they had only been installed yesterday.

Let's not forget that the long service of implants is only possible if certain conditions are met. Healthy bone, properly installed crown, proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist’s office for the check-ups and professional cleaning sessions are all important factors that define the success of the implants placement procedure and the time that your dental implants will serve you. If at least one of these conditions isn’t met, it can compromise the service life of implants. Moreover, if the patient gets sick and the disease affects the bone tissue, respectively, it will have an effect on the implants. However, these are all complications. With favorable indications and quality work, your implants will last decades. Keep in mind that crowns need to be changed approximately once every ten years, and sometimes more often.

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