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Causes of pain in the treated tooth

Having once treated a sick tooth, you would naturally expect the problem to be solved once and for all and the pain to be gone forever. However, in reality, this just might not be so and even a treated tooth may remind of itself after a while by hurting for unknown reasons.


If the pain occurs immediately after the treatment and lasts only for a couple of days, then we suggest not to worry. It is possible that your toothache is a result of dentist’s intervention and it will be gone soon.


Causes of pain in the treated tooth


However, If the pain in the sealed tooth has emerged a few weeks or months after the doctor's visit, finding out a cause is highly recommendable. Let's list five main reasons why the treated tooth may start bothering you again:


1. Incorrect diagnosis leading to an incorrect treatment as a result. Unfortunately, doctors too sometimes make mistakes. Such mistake can cause you some pain in what you thought was a healed tooth. The most common of mistake is confusing pulpitis with ordinary cavity and simply filling it, without treating the channels previously.


2. Budget clinics rarely have good medical equipment. A dentist can overheat the tooth with a drill, which will cause a burn and, as a consequence, some pain.


3. Improper filling. There are certain rules that dentists must follow when selecting a filling and if these rules are not respected a patient may suffer from painful sensations post treatment. If you experience discomfort after treating cavities, go back to the clinic to fix the problem on the early stage.


4. Infection. If dental instruments and the work area aren’t disinfected properly it creates a risk of infection.


5. Polymerization stress. Some modern fillings are made from a special material, which requires a special installation technology. If the requirements, such as the power of light exposure, are not met, the patient may experience polymerization stress, which causes pain in the healed tooth.

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