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5 reasons your dental checkups and cleaning need to be regular

Any dentist in Barcelona area can tell you about the importance of regular checkups and cleaning. Typically, the visits are scheduled every six months for children, as well as for adults. However, many patients wonder why these visits are so important? Dr. Olga Bindyuk of Diente Sano clinic in Barcelona explains 5 reasons behind the necessity of regular dental checkups and professional cleaning.


5 reasons your dental checkups and cleaning need to be regular


1. Keeping your teeth clean

Even the most thorough usage of your toothbrush and dental floss at home doesn't guarantee you are giving the necessary attention to all the areas. There are places that are hard to clean at home and only the professional cleaning procedure will remove all the bacteria and plaque from hard to reach areas.


2. Monitoring oral health

When you visit your dentist regularly, your doctor can keep track of any changes, connected to your oral health. During these checkups dentists can check for cavities or early signs periodontal disease, among many others, which can permanently damage your smile.


3. Oral cancer detection

Cancer is much less aggressive on early stages. By voicing out some unusual concerns to your doctor, cancer can be treated before it becomes a serious problem. The absolute majority of dental diseases are treated easier in the early stages. Thus, regular checkups will allow you to keep a healthy smile for many years!


4. Learning about dental health

Patients, especially the younger ones, should spend time with their dentist to learn how to take care of their smile. Our team enjoys educating patients on the proper brushing and flossing techniques for a healthy mouth. We discuss proper oral hygiene products, basing on individual needs. In addition, our dental clinic in Barcelona hosts free hygiene classes for kids.


5. Maintaining relationships.

Working with the same dentist over the years helps patients develop trusting relationships with the doctor. This is especially helpful for the ones suffering from the dental fear.


In Diente Sano dental clinic, our specialists work very hard to help our patients in Barcelona and Barcelona area to get and maintain healthy bright smiles. Our team of doctors works very closely with patients to not only help improve their health, but also the wellbeing through smile. If you live in Barcelona and want to make an appointment, call today!


Be proactive about your dental health, book your appointment for your first free dental exam.



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